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Town of Hiles and surrounding areas…

butlakeHiles has a long and treasured history beginning in the late 1800’s and officially named as the Town of Hiles in 1903. In the early 1900’s up until the Great Depression, Hiles was a bustling, growing community thriving on the logging business. There were two major mills that supported the town’s growth. Unfortunately, the town fell victim to the depression era and the timber related businesses never recovered. Today, Hiles is still the center of the magnificent Nicolet and Chequamegon National Forests. Logging is still a prevalent business in Forest County and surrounding counties. And, of course, Pine Lake has long been a great resource for Hiles. Nearly 400 family homes surround the Lake, long known as a popular fishing lake and family destination. Pine Lake covers approximately 1600 acres with excellent fishing for Northern, Walleyes, Bass, Crappies and other panfish. The lake boasts an excellent National Forest campground and boat landing. Excellent restaurants and bars abound in the area. The Three Lakes area is just a short 10 minutes to the North with Crandon a similar distance to the South. Other popular areas nearby include Rhinelander and Eagle River.

Little known fact…the Town of Hiles is the 2nd largest township (geographically) in the State of Wisconsin,  ranking only behind the Town of Minoqua in square miles.


town photo