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About Us

The beginnings of the Little Pine Motel originated with Ed and Nina Pfeiffer who owned the land that the motel sits on today. The Pfeiffer homestead is now the site of the motel. (Ed and Nina owned and operated the Mobil service station just a 1/4 mile south of the motel property). In September, 1959, the Pfeiffer’s sold the property to Dr. William and Rosina Cochrane, a physician from Beloit. Construction on the motel began with its’ opening in 1961.

Unlike virtually all other Wisconsin roadside motels, the Little Pine Motel was built with a ‘reverse design’. Most motels had always been built with the room entrances and parking area facing the roadway. Dr. Cochrane wanted to maximize privacy, safety and security for his guests. Thus, the Little Pine was built with room entrances and parking on the back side of the motel; allowing for maximum quiet and privacy. Many guests comment ‘you hardly know it’s a motel when you drive past’. The design also allows guests to enjoy the nearly 10 acres of our beautiful Northwoods property. Guests appreciate the trails, playground, and campfire areas without road noise and traffic. Guests are also able to park their boats, snowmobiles and ATVs in the ample parking area, close to their rooms. 

Upon building the motel, Dr. Cochrane relocated his medical practice to Three Lakes, becoming a fixture in the local area. The motel was prosperous for the Cochrane family who owned it until 1978 when they sold the business to Gerald and Cathy Mitchell.  Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell operated the Little Pine until 1988 when they sold it to the Mayer family. In April, 1994, the Mayer family sold the motel to Don and Loretta Dobert from Milwaukee. The Doberts owned the motel until April, 2008 when they sold it to Dale and Nancy Bochte. Dale’s father was born and raised in Hiles before settling in Sheboygan.

Mark and Julie Ferris took ownership of the Little Pine Motel in May, 2013.  Mark’s family has a long history with the Pine Lake/Hiles area when the family began summer vacations in 1953. Today, with their children’s families and grandsons, the Ferris family is now 4 generations in the area. While Hiles and Pine Lake have seen many changes over the years; one constant remains the same… Pine Lake and Hiles offer an incredibly beautiful and inviting place to visit, relax and enjoy the offerings of its lakes and forests. Whether your interest is fishing, hunting, nature, snowmobiling or ATVing… or just relaxing…

The Ferris family and the Hiles/Pine Lake community welcome you.